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What do u think???

What do you mean love is….is it just last for 2-4 mths or just you end up in 1yr…is this you  call relationship…Soo you guys have highly misunderstood it…love is were you can be comfortable in your own skin ,can reflect your actual feeling and personality of yours.. relationship is where you can  open up your real self..make fun …of each other and fight n comeback again ….in  this modern time very few people are successful in getting there real love and everybody are just finding… roaming but are not getting because they are always appreciateing outward looks…..thats the reason…nowdays I can see so many divorce…not every stories is a Happy fairytale..now real love has taken different meaning in  this time ….just physical means…just attraction and then end it up…


Life is like a chess  someone is always going to knock you or replace you…to save himself….and conquer each others position as we can see this situation in our daily life…it’s our responsibility to save our  position from our rival…stood up despite of falling down…and getting replaced by other person….life is in a fastlane and we know we can’t slow down .we are having a life like chess board game in this world… working  better to secure our  position….. subordinating each other.

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Lost humanity…

Why is this world so harsh?people just wants to look helpful but in real nobody cares if someone needs help.l have seen how people bash others for not helping them while they are in need but thing is they are  not looking upon themselves how they never helped.Its karma that’s coming to you but I am talking about certain people not all people of this world.I was watching TV suddenly a news flashed that a boy who met accident didn’t survive because of  blood loss.More investigation threw light that he could have survived but people refused him to take to hospital just because they thought some legal action would be taken against them.How foolish is that!!legal action!!I told Mom about this she answered how people on this Earth can do such thing.Dont they have heart?What if he had an accident and no one would have helped him.How would he feel.Hearing this I was little bit astonished how double standard my mom is!Few days back I asked her if we can feed stray dogs everyday..they have no one to look forward but the reply was that what’s the need for that.There are some things which are done out of love not everything is done for some need.People may thinking there is no comparison between these two incident but no there is.Help is help .It doesn’t matter how big problem we solve.

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Uniqueness in you….

Everyone has different story, the experience everyone has something to share which teaches us to be strong in every walking path….necessary to know  practical things in life matters more than theortical that teacher or people teaches us…it’s not everybodys opinion…it just my view.and no knowledge or experience is wasted it gets in use in some or other ways..

People fall , break ,get insulted and walk again,if you do any mistake just don’t be guilty just think it’s your experience and learn from it .it’s part of learning….

People will laugh at you, humilate you,or ragg you..just stood up…and fight because end of the day they will cry and you will smile… its life time you have to do it…take yourself to your destination..you could fall,fail…but keep on trying moment you quit the miracle was going to  happen…

Dont ever judge people  because you neverknow  which path are they walking in..as same as you..

Be Happy with who you are…don’t change anyone..because they don’t accept as you are..means they don’t love you..

You are beautiful when you show your imperfection…your inner sense or beauty never get old and don’t match to anyone ….in this world everybody is unique..so take pride in it…don’t be person who imitate others to look good in others eye….that’s what make you another fish in Sea…so be a  shark who is different from the group and prey alone…who is most powerful in it’s own uniqueness….

Some may feel that you are  inferior but no you are unique..that is what is admirable in you….. respect and love yourself as the way you are…you have to care for yourself …no one will do it for you…

Uniqueness matters….

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Hey women rise up,it’s your kingdom no one can conquer….dear women,

Don’t give a  damm to them., don’t care  of people rise up ,wake the power beneath you…nobody can handle you…no body can trap you.. because you are free soul….

Rise up ,you are for a reason….the power you have  nobody can have….forget every myth about you can  turn them into fact.you can turn in  yourself fire…make ashes out of everybody..hey women rise up  the world needs you….every tear you drop has a painful hurt inside you…don’t let the world stop you..let them stare at you..what can they do…just walk on the Earth with power…rise up women you need to..make yourself that tough that your daughter get inspired and see as a hero….

Don’t live your life on others expectations as they never want you to succeed cause they know you are unstoppable .. …don’t let them think your life is for them…so  don’t  get trapped… explore yourself ..be as women who don’t want any support…you can walk alone in  a darkest night of your life…even if you don’t look powerful pretend to be …then see all is yours…just give chance to yourself…

Be a queen who can live without his king…

Be a god of yourself….no matter what people say..they don’t know how much you have faced the difficulties ,to be on that level….so don’t anybody’s word control you. Rise up…..take stand for yourself, no any other person can do for u…

Respect yourself,have a high self esteem that no other random man can destroy it….so rise..to.. dare to do it….as universe is with you…it’s giving you message take it…

Be a author of your own  story……set a model to all those women who want freedom….so rise up..it’s your tale..you have to survive to tell everybody ….even there is a  cloudy storm on you..don’t stop…

One should understand that the power is not given,it’s taken with efforts….

 Every women matters…so rise up to see your beautiful destination you have dreamt of….

Many strong women are successful…

Angelina Jolie,ophra Winfrey ,barkha dutt and many more are coming to set as an example of energy and inspiration be one of them…

 You Just need to rise up.. however may be the circumstances…

 Trust yourself,not others..to guide you…in difficult path of life….

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Go with the flow..πŸš—

Go with flow,as no one is stopping you, 

Go with  the breeze so to keep your mind calm,People may come and  go in your life for relief,set yourself free ,no attachment just kindness so go with flow…

Take the compass go to unknown destination away from people ,away from your comfort zone..just free yourself ..go with flow..

Meet strangers on the Earth ,whom are different take inspiration and move ahead,set yourself free from worldy allegations and problems..just go with flow

No one is better than you,think brighter …don’t look behind cause all was it your’s past.move on just take experience from it..

just leave everything ,your relations,your love and people who don’t care ..just move on …go with the flow…

Not easy to leave or forget everything thing..but keep trying as it’s a life..it’s not what’s your destiny .. remember..just carry on..

No attention,no drama,problems set yourself free…go with flow

Drive were you never gone…long ride just with yourself finding peace …

Make things unplanned , unpredictable ..just move … whatever you get do it, whatever you want ….mahn just give a try …just dare to do it…and it will be your’s ..go with flow

Everyone meet coincidently ,just laugh have fun and no ego’s clashing ..just no grudges or grievances..don’t  restrict yourself..meet people with confidence ,make them friends ..” it doesn’t matter how you look”…just go with flow.

Just leave everyone who is not satisfied with you,because that person will never be satisfied of anyone…so why you want that person who give you trouble or unwanted stress or don’t want to see you happy or jealous with you ..leave them just go with the flow…..

As unplanned roads or strangers ,make you go through beautiful destination…just go with flow..

Trust the universe..go with the flow……✌🚐….

 Take your best friend …go away from negative people..go with the flow….
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Daily job..hmm not for me..πŸŽ“β°πŸŒnever wanted…even..

Daily corporate jobs are very hectic, problematic and much of discrimination ,bias between  collegues . employee – employer relationship gets much importance in this organization which makes your carrer or breaks.communication level should be high,and off course your skills also matters.in many organizations many employees are treated so unfairly in my views as they feel rejected by their boss or employers even if they work hard and stress cycle begins .. feeling rejection leads downfall the morale of employees working and this process makes them monotonous and less ambitious towards work, which leads company’s loss,as I said “daily job is not for me” 9 to 6 job or extension of job hours which leads brain to exhaust and which creates a employees behavior irritated and aggressive which his or her family has to suffer..which cause relationship breakage which is not tolerable and again it emotionally and mentally hits the employees which causes mood swings in him and other health related issues common is spinal problems and other related of back pain and neck pain usually seen in people who works for hours for in front of computers just taking coffee breaks.in an individual employees life to work in specific time period with bad environment of office and collegue who are fighting  for getting right place in the company or  promoted or try to leave impression of their own boss and it’s tend to jealously amongst each other among employees which results in discrimination and built rivalry.this competition goes unhealthy and creates unwanted external stress . employees and employers should built healthy competition so that every employees is  rewarded ,promoted and respected this serves them as motivation and enhance the companies sales and reputation.” The key to be successful company is to keep the employees and employers motivated and satisfied of their salaries”.

Working under someone is difficult task especially under “boss”who  sometime give your hard work importance, in which a person has to keep patience and control over his behavior.self esteem of the employees are pulled down in this and they start paying less attention to their work saying” that knowone is paying attention to there hardwork.s

When I was a teenager, I always dreamt of having a job and looking after my expenses as everyone wants to be independent..but now  I feel that doing job is not a easy task..no holiday,long hours of working …not my cup of teaπŸ˜‚I  dreamt to do job is to get myself independent and do world tour with that salary …now I know the ground reality of organisational work …this hierarchical problems prevails in every company ..and I know i don’t like drama which is meaningless and more than doing honest work which no one cares..this daily life employees are filled with patience, ambition and dreams which get trapped in busy life…what that individual is want is not what he is getting ..but just trapped in work which is different from his passion .

  • Tips to low down employees and employers stress and pressure is to calm down and think about there consequences before giving advice or reacting.this enables them to take better decision.
  • The best way to handle rivarly or grievances is to ignore them and let them talk behind your back cause they can’t see you work hard to higher your chances of getting promotion.and other thing is to make there life interesting they make gossips of you..just keep in mind this people never succeed .
  • One thing an individual should see or recognize in the company the people who are friends and enemy…as in a fact it’s written that people who are sweetspeaker or shows more loyalty are those individuals who hurt you in long-term than people who speaks to you in limit.
  • Don’t fight,”keep in mind karma “
  • will act on it just keep doing your work as it will hurt you more than that person.
  • If you don’t   like working under someone so follow your passion it will take your destiny to next level..so don’t hesitate to follow it.as this you enjoy more than sitting and doing one thing.by profession you can lead your own path with satisfaction which is not challenge but a game for you and want to do it more.instead of working under someone..

    This thing a employees would know the pain of working for hours without satisfaction and respect.this they do for there family which gives them biggest responsibility to carry out and motivation to see their family happy..as knowone can lead this life of monotonous work .. everyone has reason.soo a higher post individuals should never ridicul, disrespect or underestimate them.because they should know that to get higher post they also have faced the same thing..so people should be ampathetic towards each other that gives us security ,trust and family environment which every employees and employers wants to have..this could bring out every individual creative side which will benefit company without fear…so thank u for reading my original experience..so it would help everyone to deal with problem rather than sitting and mourning on every problem..”a leader is a person who finds out solution and take risk to implement it”.do your best …follow your passion than doing work blindly facing burnouts…all the bestπŸŽ“β°